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Nicole Heck

A loving daughter, sister, mother and wife.  Nicole was strong willed with great motivation and a drive to be the best person she could be in all aspects of life.  As a wife Nicole kept me on track and helped me stay focused, she was the back bone to our family and showed us all so much love and compassion it’s irreplaceable.  As a mother to Alivia and Kylie, Nicole gave everything for our 2 girls, her love was to the moon and back and Alivia and Kylie know it so deep in their heart how awesome their mommy was!  Nicole touched many people in her life which left lifelong memories for so many people.  In a letter Nicole left for me she stated “Never stop fundraising” so we won’t!

Mike Patterson

To those of you who knew Mike Patterson, I’m confident that you remember a friendly, loyal, and caring person. He’d help anyone with anything, and he showed that time after time. Although no young child should lose a parent, it’s not hard to want to emulate the kind of Dad I had, and I feel that giving back is the best way for me to remember him and honor his memory.

To those of you who did not know him, you would most likely have really liked him. He was just a regular, hard working, optimistic guy, pretty much always smiling. The Mike Patterson Foundation has been raising funds for cancer research in his name since 2012. In 2014 Kevin Heck joined our committee after his wife, Nicole, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Unfortunately, we lost our dear friend Nicole. Since her diagnosis, we have worked with The Jimmy Fund to now allocate all money raised to breast cancer research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.


When faced with the facts, statistics show 1-in-2 men and 1-in-3 women in America will battle cancer in their lifetime. The Mike Patterson Foundation has joined forces with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to change these staggering odds. We have many ways to get involved with our great events to help us reach our ultimate mission of supporting the efforts of researchers monetarily in their quest to find a cure.


The Mike Patterson Foundation was incepted in 2012 with our first event, a mini golf tournament. After a huge success, we decided to add on additional events to ensure we greatly increase our impact each year. It is our our hope that we can count on your commitment to help us attain our goal of reaching $100,000 donated to Dana-Farber in support of breast cancer research, this year.


Since 1948, Dana-Farber has been committed to one mission: giving cancer patients the best, most compassionate care today while finding cures for tomorrow.  While this unique balance of research and care has seen incredible success, it is far from enough.  More people are being diagnosed with cancer than ever before and the cures still elude us.  You can help bring us closer.


On behalf of the Mike Patterson Foundation Committee, Dana-Farber, and most importantly, the thousands of patients who benefit from our events, I want to thank you for your consideration.  

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